Thursday, 29 November 2018

Xerox Office Copiers- Featured With Advanced Technology

The brand new Xerox Office Copiers of JTF Business Systems is specially featured with advanced technology. It offers two-sided printing and they make sure to protect data against security breaches and other threats. The printers with Xerox copiers are very cost effective.

We offer free shipping on purchasing over 100lbs also 36 months on sight defective parts warranty.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Xerox Copiers and Laser Printers All Under One Roof

Xerox has been a known name in the field of print and digital document solutions. It has become the synonym for the copier machines. That itself speak volumes about the company and its products.
Xerox Copiers
Xerox copiers come in three categories- desktop, office and production copiers and in two print types- monochrome and color. These copiers can do more work in less time due to the advanced technology used in them. They not only allow you to print on both side
of the paper, they also protect your data against any kind of security breach and other threats.
The printers that come with Xerox copiers are quite cost-effective with 250 GB of hair drive capacity and 47 ppm as its maximum printing speed with 1200 x 1200 dpi. And you don't have to change papers often.
Xerox laser Printers
Printers come in three categories, each of them different and unique in their own way. First, there is the Dot Matrix Printer that works more or less like a typewriter. You don't find both of them commonly these days. The print head of Dot Matrix printer moves to and fro or up and down on the page to print by the impact. The ink-soaked ribbon strike against the paper to print on it, like we said similar to the typewriter printing.
Then there are Inkjet printers that propel the droplets of ink on the paper, plastic or any other substance to recreate a digital image. This has been a leap from the Dot Matrix Printers. Some Inkjets also used the piezoelectric effect for printing where tiny electric currents inside the printer move the tiny crystal. This miniature crystal then moves back and forth and fires jets of ink. An electric circuit inside the printer controls these tiny electric currents.
Xerox Laser Printers, when came out, they took the printing to an altogether new level. Instead of inks, they use toners to create an image. They can print 42 pages every minute and they automatically print on both sides of the paper. Also, you can directly print from your mobile as well.
This is an evolution in -the true sense.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Formax Paper Folders- Multi-Tasking and Fully Automatic Machine

Formax paper folders are very much useful and time saver product for any type of school and small business also in working sector, It comes with a variety of speed control that can fold up to 27,000 sheets per hour. be pre-set for the letter, legal or ledger paper sizes. The fold plates provide dials to 0.1mm accuracy. The fold rollers are rugged and long-lasting to grip even glossy papers. Only available in JTF business systems at an affordable price.