Tuesday, 24 November 2015

High Security Shredders; What You Need To Know During Purchase

Shredders reduce waste papers to tiny particles. High Security Shredders reduce these waste papers to not more than 1mm by 5mm.There are different levels of shredders available in the market today. The type of shredder you want to use should be determined by the level of security of your documents. When security plays an important role, you need a High Security Shredder; you can consider acquiring a NSA/CSS 02-01 –Level P7. These shredders come in different models with different qualities, from sheet capacity of 4 up to 18, quality durability test of 5 reams/feeding 3 sheets on the lower side to 18 reams/feeding 6 sheets on the higher side, high performance with feed opening from 9.5” to 12.4”, energy saving mode to easy operations.
High Security Paper Shredder
Security shredders need evaluation by the NSA. This is a body that checks on shredders performance and lists them according to the destruction criteria they meet. For a High Security Shredder to be approved by the NSA it should meet the following conditions:
  • Have at least a bin capacity of 9.25 gallon.
  • Have a safety precaution system.
  • Have a warranty.
  • Have a starter kit.
High Security Shredders
Security shredders come in different prices depending on the level of performance, country of origin and manufacturer. Inclusion of tax also affects the cost of buying and maintaining a shredder. For instance, costs may range from $99 on the lower side to maybe thousands of dollars when the tax is not included. When purchasing a high security paper shredder, it is advisable to choose wisely since some are counterfeit and therefore do not have an NSA approval. Some may actually be cheaper than NSA approved shredders hence enticing you to purchase them. You should also check the quality of the shredder to ensure it suits your needs since they come with different.


  1. I didn't realize that high security paper shredders need to be evaluated by the NSA. It seems like that would be the most important aspect of the machine. I would imagine that it would need to have a powerful shredder as well, to insure that the documents are properly handled and disposed of.