Wednesday, 7 March 2018

A Perfect Way to Enhance the Teaching Methodology – Promethean Flat Panel

Nowadays, the technology has been improved in many sectors, especially in Education. One such invention is Promethean Flat Panel, a technological type being associated with the classroom.

What is Promethean Flat Panel?

While this name may be daunting, a Promethean board a.k.a an interactive board is immensely useful in the classrooms. To make it further simple, the Promethean Flat Panel are interactive whiteboard which allows the students to project images from their computer or laptop. Using a touch pen or other special pens, the students can interact with the mysterious board. It has been proven that such interactive board improves learning ability considerably.

Advantages of Promethean Flat Panel:

  • The things displayed on the laptop/computer/tablet will be made bigger on the blank Promethean board.

  •  It also comes with a peripheral device which resembles an overhead   camera.

  • It helps to work on a page in a textbook/workbook together with the entire class or displaying an image that may be impractical to show in front of the students.

  • Using this technology the classes become more apparent and interactive. Interactive boards help the teachers to deliver the necessary points by controlling the students at the same time with this board.

  • Instead of jumping back and front of the computer and a normal board, the tutor can remain in front of the interactive Promethean Flat Panel at all time, giving the fullest access to the computer by retaining a clear view of the entire classroom

  • Generally, Interactive classes will help to remember the points discussed. As the same, such interactive boards will definitely increase the learning, memory power of the students to retain the grabbed points.
Why do not we try this smart technology at our schools?

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