Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Business Card Slitters- A Two Directional Slitting Machine

 Business card Slitters are generally used to produce business cards. They are highly efficient and come in a variety of sizes. Their capacity is also relative to the kind of product one is using. Any business which deals with printing solutions, a business card slitter is a must. These come in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual models.
Using a card slitter for your personal needs has become very popular these days. For people who don’t use a business card very often or those whose consumption of cards is very limited can opt for a manual card slitter. The device is easily available in the market. For those who prefer online shopping, it’s available online as well. All you need is to attach this to your printer and you are set. It cuts out clean and even cards for self-use.
A fully automated, two directional slitting machine is ideal for high volume usage. It is most useful for business houses which deal extensively with
printing business cards as they specialize in digitally printed cards. These high performing machines utilize press register which efficiently manages common cuts as well as bleed cuts. They also offer bin delivery and shingle delivery making it highly effective, efficient and manageable.
Using business card Slitters for in-house designing of business cards, especially for new employees is trending now. It saves time and money and there is no minimum requirement to be followed for printing.

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