Thursday, 16 August 2018

Know More About Our Panasonic Whiteboards

A whiteboard is a must-have for any kind of classroom or training room. It consists of a flat white surface and colored pens for writing on it. Well, Panasonic Whiteboards from JTF are an advanced version of the traditional ones. They are available in great variety.

Hi-tech version of the traditional counterparts

  •  As we have already mentioned, these electronic boards have outstanding capabilities to help the teachers to train students effectively.
  • A traditional whiteboard just displays manually written information. Panasonic Interactive whiteboards go beyond that.

Perfect blend of a PC and whiteboard
  • In simple words, it is a perfect combination of a PC and a traditional whiteboard.
  • It works like an LCD screen, transmits details like a mobile and stores information just like a computer.
  • Thus, it works in varying capacities, providing the teacher an electronic interactive platform to train.

Functions of Panasonic Whiteboards

The various functions of Panasonic Whiteboards offered by JTF are as follows:

  •      It displays information similar to a traditional one.
  •    The trainer can save relevant details as written or in pictorial form. For instance, if a teacher has given a short test of 10 questions on the whiteboard, he or she can save it directly for record purpose. There is no need to write, type and print it.
  •     The trainer can send relevant details to the students. Thus, the students can concentrate in the classroom instead of just writing down notes.
  •    The trainer can browse internet portals for information. It can also search data in computer files and records.
  •    The trainer can also interact with other trainers or parents in the classroom.

Benefits of Panasonic Whiteboards

  •      The benefits of these electronic whiteboards are self-explanatory.
  •      There is an enhanced student participation in the classroom.
  •    The trainer can perform all the activities with a finger touch without any hassle.

Thus, if you want to convert your traditional classroom into a dynamic one, then do browse our online portal for more details of Panasonic Whiteboards. We have excellent customer service, free shipping policy and attractive discounts.

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