Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Some OF The Best Smart Interactive Boards

An interactive whiteboard, also known as a smartboard, is an interactive display in the format of a whiteboard that reacts to user input either directly or through other devices. They can play various types of media and provide teachers with interactive lessons for their students.

JTF Business System is one of the best business equipment providers across the USA and we made a list of some of the best smart Interactive whiteboards and flat-panel as per user’s review and choice.
  1. SmartBoard SB880E Interactive Whiteboard: 880E
This SmartBoard SB880E Interactive Whiteboard also comes with multi-touch capabilities, allowing four users to interact at the same time. The SMART Ink™, Pen tray, lockable pen option, altogether makes this board a reliable pick among the users. The SmartBoard SB880E Interactive Whiteboard with Four-camera DViT® technology sports hard-coated steel surface housing and comes completed with a light gray finish, ensuring to work the same way for years to come.
The SmartBoard SB880E Interactive Whiteboard is an innovative digital solution that aims to completely transform your classroom teaching experiences. Engineered with the SMART Notebook® collaborative learning software along with SMART Product Drivers, this interactive whiteboard exhibits a unique combination of traditional and conventional teaching tools. It is designed to proficiently work on the touch and gestures functioning that provides the user with a flexible and natural way to interact with the listeners.
  1. Smartboard SBID-7286 Interactive Display (86")
Make your classroom alive and student-friendly with the Smartboard SBID-7286 Interactive Display (86").  The 86 inch panel displays the content with maximum clarity in 4K Ultra HD resolution. The SBID-7286 is supported with iOS Airplay, Google Cast and Miracast for a wireless screen sharing.
To support the displayed content, it comes with 10 W side-firing speakers with enhanced sound quality. The SBID-7286 Interactive Display (86") includes 4 pens with Pen ID and eraser. The Pen ID allows writing in different colors simultaneously to encourage collaboration. With its 16 simultaneous touch points, more than one student can use multiple gestures such as zoom, flip, and rotate at the same time
  1. SmartBoard SPNL-4084 Interactive Flat PanelMake the classroom and conference sessions interesting by opting for the Smart Board SPNL-4084 Interactive Flat Panel. Intended to make interactions with high-definition content in new and exciting, this flat panel is sure to become an instant hit among all the professionals. Offering premium touch experience, this screen comes embedded with MART Notebook® collaborative learning software that produces ultra-high-definition resolution display for the viewers. Simple to install and use, this SmartBoard SPNL-4084 Interactive Flat Panel is popularly known to deliver unparalleled viewing and writing
The multi-touch feature offers 10 simultaneous touch points for Windows® operating systems, one touchpoint for Mac® computers and multiple common gesture options like zoom, rotate and flip, at the same time. It is engineered with Infrared technology and includes two 10 watt speakers for an enhanced experience.  The HDMI 1.4 in., USB 2.0 Type-B (touch) and AC power outlet with IEC 60320-C13 socket adds to the versatility of this SmartBoard SPNL-4084 Interactive Flat Panel.

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