Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Dahle 22022 PaperSAFE Shredder - Cross Cut

The Dahle PaperSAFE 22022 Shredder is the most convenient way to destroy confidential information. The PaperSAFE 22022 shredder by Dahle is oil-free, maintenance-free, and remarkably hassle-free. It offers best-in-class features and noise reduction to support a productive work environment. Through clever engineering, this machine maintains peak performance without oil.

This PaperSAFE shredder is not only convenient to use and economical to maintain but also easier on the environment. Also, the Dahle 22022 helps you keep your workplace quiet and noise-free, something which is critical for maintaining productivity. The 22022 features Whisper Quiet operation that produces the lowest decibel levels in its class. Additional features such as automatic on/off operation, energy-saving standby mode, and built-in jam protection make this shredder convenient to use, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly.

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